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The University of Trieste has joined the PA 110 and Lode training project, an initiative proposed by the Department of Public Service to promote, encourage, and incentivize the enrollment of personnel in service in public administrations in university study programs.

The initiative is part of the objectives of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which outlines a strategy for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public administrations.

What does the project entail and which courses are involved

The activation of this enrollment option involves:

  • an economic benefit
  • the possibility of  a study plan with a number of credits between 18 and 45 (part-time) in order not to become out of course.

Enrollees in courses not listed and those enrolled in courses activated under Ministerial Decree 509/1999 and prior to the reform are not eligible to join the Memorandum of Understanding.


To access and maintain the benefits provided by the protocol, you must:


  • be a public employee with a permanent or fixed-term contract.
  • be enrolled in the course for a maximum period equal to the years planned for the course + 2 years.
  • to continue to enjoy the benefit in the following academic year, you must obtain at least half of the ECTS credits provided by the Study Plan of the academic year to which you are enrolled.

How to benefit from the PA 110 and honors

  • If you want to enroll or register for a subsequent year
    during the online enrollment/registration procedure, fill out the dedicated section.
  • if you are already enrolled in a course that is part of the project 
    activate the protocol from the Online Student Secretariat (Esse3) 
    Menu > Home > Additional Enrollment Statements.


You will be asked for the IPA code of your Public Administration, consult the Agid website to find out the code of your PA. 
For UniTS employees the IPA code is: units

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