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Second-level Master's Degree


Duration: 1 year
Campus: Trieste
Language: Italian and English
Departiment: Ingegneria e Architettura
Credits: 60
Admission: qualifications and possible interview
Intake (min/max): 10/40

For admission and enrollment procedures, please refer to the Master's Single Call for Applications 

The Master aims to train professional specialists and managers in the field of Clinical Engineering at a basic level (Base/Biomedical track) or advanced level (Advanced/Management track) depending on the knowledge and skills upon entry. Students will be enrolled in the Base or Advanced track based on their qualifications at the time of enrollment, i.e., a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering (Base) or a different degree from Biomedical Engineering (Base with the possible inclusion of an integrative course). Students with a background in the Clinical Engineering program at our University will be enrolled in the Advanced track, or those with demonstrated basic knowledge and skills in Clinical Engineering acquired in the workplace.

In the Base track, the main educational objectives specifically concern the acquisition of extensive knowledge of biomedical instrumentation present in hospital facilities (from functional exploration instruments to those in the analysis laboratory and operating room), the method of their acquisition, risk analysis in healthcare, and the basics of assessment and management of hospital technologies.

In the Advanced track, methods for technology assessment are deepened, integrating them with financial administration, regulatory affairs, planning, healthcare governance, as well as the basics and applications of AI methods in healthcare and basics of electrical and energy systems. Optional subjects can be used to supplement the curriculum, allowing the program to be adapted to the needs of engineers from different backgrounds to fill any gaps in the field of biomedical and clinical engineering.

The Master benefits from over 50 agreements signed with companies and entities in the biomedical and Clinical Engineering sector where students can carry out the training internship, also aimed at preparing the final paper. The Specialist Master's Course awards the second-level Master's diploma in "Management in Clinical Engineering." There is also the possibility to enroll in individual didactic modules and as auditors.

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Master Director

Agostino Accardo

Phone: 040 558 7148 - 040 558 7124   
Web: go to the website

Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Architettura  
Piazzale Europa, 1 (Edificio C8) - 34123 - Trieste

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