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2 years
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English Italian
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Civil engineering

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«Designing» (and researching) «is a bit like exploring, it is what can be defined as the adventure of thought». R. Piano

The MSc Course in Civil Engineering provides an advanced preparation in the field of civil engineering, integrating and enhancing knowledge and skills already acquired at the BSc degree level.

The Course, in a mixed Italian-English language, is divided into two curricula: 

  • Sustainable Civil Engineering: the modules delve deeper into the specialist areas of:
    • structures and sustainable redevelopment of buildings, with focus on both new constructions and rehabilitation of existing buildings
    • hydraulic and environmental management and sustainability, where methods and techniques for designing hydraulic infrastructures and managing the environmental risk of the territory are developed
  • Transport Systems and Infrastructure Engineering explores in depth, through dedicated teaching modules, the areas: 
    • transport and logistics management
    • design and construction of infrastructure

Along the course the student can spend a training period abroad through the Erasmus+ programme, attends an internship at institutions or companies of the sector and prepares the master's thesis which consists in the development of a design or research problem on an advanced topic of civil engineering. The master's graduate, after getting the national professional qualification, can register as a Chartered Engineer in section A of the Professional Board of Engineers and can be admitted to a Doctoral Programme.

The course contributes to the achievement of Goals no. 9 (Enterprises, innovation and infrastructure) and no. 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.

For information on the application and the required documents, please visit the dedicated section.

For more details on requirements, preparation verification, and admission procedures, visit the course's website.

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