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L'usabilità di un sito si raggiunge se l'interazione tra l'utente e lo strumento avviene in modo efficace, efficiente, soddisfacente e facile

Definizione dell'ISO - International Organization for Standardization

This website is developed with consideration for the accessibility and usability aspects of web pages.

Accessibility for a website refers to the feature that allows any type of user (regardless of physical or mental disabilities or the technical equipment they have) to easily access the information, resources, and services offered.

Great attention has been paid to the development of the website, which is constantly verified, but it cannot be guaranteed with certainty that all pages are completely accessible to every category of user. Maximum care has been taken to ensure that the structure, content, functionality, and graphics comply with the current technical requirements for government websites (Attachment A of the Ministerial Decree of July 8, 2005, implementing the "Stanca Law").

Given the large amount of documents contained in the portal, despite the attention paid to the development of the site and the numerous tests conducted, it cannot be conclusively stated that all content on the site is completely accessible to every category of user.

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