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Located in the prestigious setting of the "Commander's House" (Casa del Comandante) in the former Military Hospital, the CLab is a hub for innovative courses and workshops meant to accelerate the orientation process towards the professional future of UniTS students, with a specific focus on support to business creation.

  • 05/06/2024 
    Seminar @BusinessLounge 

    Tuesday 11 June 2024 from 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m

    At the CLab headquarters in the Former Military Hospital (via F. Severo, 40 Trieste) 
    Since the twentieth century, literature and marketing have winked at each other, and have not stopped doing so even in the digital age. Because great writers have always fed our imagination with stories, thoughts and unforgettable protagonists. In an even more basic way, they taught essential rules for communicating an idea and convincing interlocutors through effective storytelling, which is the essence of the writer’s craft. During this meeting we will learn how to steal some tricks of the trade from famous novelists and essayists, we will reflect together on these principles trying to trace them in the analysis of some texts, we will also talk about branded content and when writers themselves become excellent advertisers. Finally, we will try to integrate the lessons learned from literary models with some tricks of contemporary marketing and will conclude with some exercises in writing texts, to try to put into practice what has been learned.  The meeting will be held by Giulia Basso, a professional journalist for national newspapers.      
  • 24/05/2024
    "Business Plan: What It Is and How It Works", a course consisting of 5 lessons, is opening the new edition of CLab seminars starting June 4th.

    The objective of the seminar is to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills needed to gather and process information about new business ideas or pre-existing businesses, in order to make choices and plan the sustainable development of a company in its phases.
    Sign in and find the available dates on the seminar page.
  • CLab 2024 inauguration and 2023 annual report

    The official inauguration of the Contamination Lab 2024 has taken place on May 6th 2024 at the former Military Hospital of Via Fabio Severo 40, Trieste. We welcomed as guests Angelo Baiguera, head of external relations at Polo del Gusto; Barbara Franchin, President of the ITS foundation, and Massimiliano Guido, Advisor to the Executive Director of the World Bank. The event's host was the journalist and President of the FVG Journalist's Order Cristiano Degano.

    Throughout the event, the winners of the new 2024 CLab call were introduced with their projects, as well as the CLab 2023 Annual Report, which is available here below. 
    Annual Report 2023

  • @BusinessLounge - COMUNICAZIONE D’IMPRESA - Il valore dietro l'immagine (part 1)
    Monday 13th May 2024, 2PM-6PM
    SPEAKERS: Sara Svagelj and Ettore Spezza from ReBel Film S.r.l.
    Business stories and how to narrate them on a technical and on a communicative level to reach a specific audience and a certain level of popularity, adapting or conditioning the market and our taste.
  • @BusinessLounge - TECNICHE DI FOTOGRAFIA E RIPRESA - Il valore dietro l'immagine
    Thursday 16th May, 14PM-18PM
    SPEAKERS: Sara Svagelj and Ettore Spezza from ReBel Film S.r.l.
    Use of light, times, diaphragms and focal lengths to give an image a specific connotation, post-editing process, color grading and temperature change.

Each year, students can participate in the call to access the CLab co-working services.

The last 9 candidates for the CLab call 2024 have been selected and published on April 18th 2024, thus closing the selections for 2024.

You can find the lists of the admitted candidates and the Rectoral Decrees that authorised them here below.

The CLab is a place where innovation comes from collaboration between people from different educational backgrounds, from the transversality of disciplines and the contamination of knowledge, hence the name Contamination Lab.

CLab activities consist of learning, mentoring, coworking and making, and are aimed at students selected on the basis of the annual call for applications. Learning activities are open to all students enrolled at the University of Trieste.

Throughout the year, the CLab organises seminars open to the entire university community.

    Knowing in order to know how to recombine: a multidisciplinary and systemic training offer on soft skills, specific skills for business planning and innovation as a production system, which also includes meetings with companies and seminars with guidance professionals.
    Listening, knowledge and skills at the disposal of projects: consulting on strategic intellectual property management, business planning and open innovation.
    Open spaces for ideas to grow: common study and work areas where you can carry out your projects and feel like a community, assisted by professionals.
  • The presence of a making corner to create prototypes to support one's projects.

    The CLab is part of the "STUD.ENT" (STUDent ENTtrepreneurship) initiatives, which promote training moments at different stages of the university career, with a view to developing managerial and project education. The participants' projects will also be oriented according to the trajectories of the "Sustainable Smart Specialisation Strategies" (S4) identified by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, to which the University of Trieste contributes with a strong commitment to training and research.

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Learning: Business creation and employability
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Business Model Canvas
A strategic model used for the creation and development of business models.
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Business Plan, what it is and how it works
To understand the basic dynamics in setting up a new company.
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New Product Forecasting
To learn the basic concepts of creating and marketing a new product.
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Communication and storytelling
Learn how to tell the story of a company, its values and its mission.
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Leadership, team building & social strategies
To understand group dynamics, motivation and performance improvement techniques.

Contamination Lab

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