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The University of Trieste is a lay, pluralistic, public sector institution of higher education that is independent of any ideological, religious, political or economic orientation, in compliance with the principles of the Constitution of the Italian Republic and the international commitments Italy has undertaken in the fields of scientific research and university education. 

The main objectives of the University are scientific research and higher education, in order to promote the cultural, civil, social and economic development in the Italian Republic. The University acknowledges that teaching and research are inseparable and that both, where envisaged, are inseparable from support services.

(part of art. 1 of the Statute)

Shaping the future of knowledge

The path we have travelled in these first 100 years of our history has been guided by valuable people who have played a fundamental role, often ahead of their time, in the development of education, research, scientific dissemination and support for the growth of individuals and society.

Over the decades, we have evolved to become a global centre of learning and knowledge development through that pioneering spirit towards research that has characterised us since our origins, strengthening day by day the indissoluble bond with the city and the territory of which we are a part.

Teachers, researchers, students and technical-administrative staff have all contributed with constant commitment to shaping the identity of yesterday and today and laying the foundations for that of tomorrow. Many of them have left an indelible mark on history.

However, the centenary is not only an occasion to celebrate and recount the past. It is, above all, an opportunity to look boldly into the future. The opportunities that await us are certainly many and challenging. It will be crucial to continue growing, innovating and driving change, starting from the enhancement of our uniqueness.

This is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the synergy not only within the University, but also with the scientific, economic-productive, tourist and creative fabric of the city of Trieste. This closer connection and collaboration with various sectors of our community will be the pillars on which to build solid bridges for the future.

On the strength of our history and traditions, we aim to map out a future in which we can be a university that believes in young people and their desire to learn and grow, and supports them in their aspiration to contribute to the development of a country that is always demanding new skills.

An Athenaeum in which innovative technologies reinforce what only the creativity of people can generate, and in which different disciplines contaminate each other to create new knowledge. A university that leaves the classrooms and laboratories to meet the community, closely connected to Trieste and its territory, but capable of crossing its borders. A university where study and work spaces are accessible, safe and usable, where relationships are built in a positive atmosphere. A university in which sustainability, quality, responsibility, efficiency and merit are not just slogans. A university where the future of knowledge is built day by day.

The core values of UniTS are expressed in the principles and aims set out in its Statutes and reflect the University's commitment to providing an inclusive academic environment in which to train and develop critical knowledge, oriented towards research, innovation and the well-being of the university community. These values guide the activities and decisions of UniTS in pursuit of its institutional mission.

Freedom, pluralism and innovation: UniTS promotes free scientific research, pluralism of ideas and interaction between cultures, encouraging in all fields diversity of thought and perspectives and the exploration of new frontiers.

Diversity and equality: UniTS promotes a culture of peace, the appreciation of differences in all fields of action and is committed to preventing and combating all forms of discrimination, also by guaranteeing financial support to students in order to make the exercise of the right to study effective.

Quality of university life: UniTS is attentive to study and working conditions, health, safety and functionality of environments and promotes the participation of staff and students in cultural, sporting and recreational activities.

Participation and transparency: UniTS is committed to guaranteeing the effective participation of the academic community in the life of the university and to ensuring the transparency of its decisions.

Synergy and collaboration: UniTS builds synergies and collaborations with public and private institutions, with the productive realities and research bodies present in the local community in order to achieve its institutional aims.

International dimension: UniTS recognises its belonging to the European space of research and higher education, supporting the importance of cooperation and integration with other academic institutions at an international level and welcoming people of all geographical origins.

Open access to knowledge: UniTS promotes the dissemination of research results by reconciling the principles of open access to scientific literature with intellectual property rights.

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