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Academic year 2024-2025

All master’s degrees have specific admission requirements. The applicants’ initial proficiency must be assessed before enrolment in accordance with regulations on educational activities. 

Admission requirement assessment is obligatory for enrolment and therefore must be carried out in advance. You can request it even if you have not graduated yet and plan to complete your bachelor’s degree by the dates indicated.

Initial proficiency assessment and enrolment deadlines

There are two time slots for the assessment of your admission requirements and subsequent enrolment. The deadlines vary according to the date you obtained (or will obtain) your bachelor’s degree (or equivalent):

  • Round 1 - for degrees obtained by 15th November 2024
    You can request your assessment from 6th June 2024 to 15th November 2024.
    Enrolment deadline: 20th December 2024.
  • Round 2 - for degrees obtained between 16th November 2024 and 28th March 2025
    You can request your assessment from 7th January 2025 to 14th February 2025.
    Enrolment deadline: 31st March 2025.

You must request the assessment of your admission requirements through the online Academic Services (Esse3), following a step-by-step procedure according to the selected master’s degree course. The request form and instructions are available on the selected master’s degree course’s webpage

> International students

If you are an international student, a visa applicant and/or you obtained your qualification abroad, you will have to follow a specific procedure before starting your enrolment.

Submission of enrolment application

  • Log in to the online Academic Services (Esse3)
  • To begin your enrolment application, select ‘Enrolment’ in the ‘Home’ menu. 
  1. Fill in all required fields and upload the required documents.
  2. Pay the 1st instalment of your fees to confirm pre-registration.
  • After a few days, you will receive an e-mail confirming your enrolment. You will be able to see your student ID number when you log to the online Academic Services (Esse3).

Any question?

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