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The right to university education is a fundamental principle that emphasizes fair and inclusive access to Higher Education. Ensuring everyone's right to access educational opportunities at the university level promotes equal opportunities and contributes to the development of individuals prepared to face social and economic challenges. This concept underscores the importance of removing economic and social barriers to enable each individual to fulfill their potential through higher education.

Scholarships and graduation prizes
UniTS rewards merit
UniTS has entered into several cooperation agreements for students and university staff members
Disability and Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)
Total exemptions and partial reductions from fees and contributions are provided for students with disabilities and Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)
Regional Agency for the Right to Education (ARDiS)
ARDiS organizes and manages an integrated system of services and interventions to enable students to overcome material difficulties and reach the highest levels of studies


Ufficio Diritto allo Studio e Servizi agli Studenti

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Silvio Calossi

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Giuliana Tamaro

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