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For 'International Student' or degree-seeker, it refers to anyone who holds a foreign academic qualification and wishes to pursue an entire course of study in Italy.

The University welcomes students from all over the world. In these pages, you will find information on accessing our educational offerings:

  • Bachelor’s Degree and 5/6 Years Masters' Degree
  • Master's Degrees
  • Individual Courses

Steps before application

The access procedures to the study programs are determined based on the academic qualification, the need for an entry visa, and the chosen course.

You have a foreign academic qualification and need an entry visa.
You have a foreign academic qualification and do not need an entry visa.
You are a student with international protection.
Segui le modalità di accesso degli studenti con titolo di studio estero senza bisogno del visto d'ingresso
You are a visa applicant with an Italian academic qualification.
Follow the procedures for students with foreign academic qualifications who need an entry visa.
None of the above situations apply to you.
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