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University fees must be paid exclusively using the pagoPA payment platform. No other payment methods are accepted.

pagoPA is an electronic payment system developed by the Agency for Digital Italy (Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale - AgiD) to make every payment to Public Administration simpler, safer, and more transparent.

Payment can be made:

  • Immediately, directly from the Online Student Secretariat, choosing from:
    • Credit, debit, or prepaid cards
    • Bank account - bank transfer or postal bulletin (if provided by your bank)
    • Other electronic payment methods (e-payment)
  • Deferred payment using the pagoPA payment notice available in the Online Student Secretariat.
  • Through online banking (look for the CBILL or pagoPA logos).
  • Through authorized ATM counters.
  • At the bank.
  • At authorized pagoPA commercial establishments (e.g., tobacconists, bars, stationery stores, and newsstands).

After the payment, there is no need to send the payment receipt to the University.

Incorrect payments cannot be made; the pagoPA platform automatically checks everything.

The pagoPA system does not involve the application of fees by UniTS; any fees may be applied by the Payment Service Providers (e.g., banks, tobacconists, etc.)

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