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Part-time mode is reserved for students enrolled in progress and is only available for certain study programs: Activation Table for the academic year 2023/24.

It involves extending the normal duration of the course by distributing the courses over 30 or 40 credits annually, within these ranges:

  • 30-credit formula: up to a maximum of 33 credits per year
  • 40-credit formula: from 34 to 51 credits per year

The study plan can be pre-filled by the competent academic structure or chosen individually and subject to approval. The request can be revoked upon approval by the competent academic structures.

The amount of fees and contributions is consequently reduced, as provided by the Fees Notice.

Application submission: Submit during the period set for modifying the study plan for the academic year 2023/24.

Method: fill out the form and send it via email to:

If you want to take advantage of the plan provided by the Department for those who adhere to the PA 110 and praise protocol, send an email to the Student Career Office of your degree course.

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