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The course aims to provide knowledge and skills to understand group dynamics, motivation techniques, and performance improvement. Participants will be enabled to understand the group dynamics that characterise work teams so that they are not just a sum of individual skills but also a resource for achieving the organizational objectives of the company.

At the end of the course, participants will be familiar with the dynamics and typical issues of teamwork and will hold all the necessary information to develop the ability to manage work objectives. Participants will also be able to develop relationships and improve communication skills between company functions and with potential external stakeholders. As concerns to the leadership part, they will learn techniques to motivate collaborators and develop their potential. Another objective will be to provide tools to build a potential team, maintain efficiency in moments of crisis, and focus on group objectives rather than just individual ones (creating a team identity).


The course consists of 10 hours, and attendance of over 70% is mandatory to qualify for a final exam aimed at consolidating acquired knowledge.


As soon as they are available, the dates, times, and registration methods will be published in this section.


Telephone: +39 040 558 7825

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