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A Business Model Canvas (also BMC below) is a strategic model used to create and develop a business model. This course means to provide the knowledge base needed to analyse case studies and understand how to use the BMC to identify risk factors, the main partnership and the activities to reach one's goals (business model environment, evaluation of a businessl model, the Blue Ocean Strategy, using different business models) and to be successful.

The BMC is an immediate and intuitive tool to understand the complex elements constituting the entire functioning of a company. In practice, the BMC is based on a visual language that is quick to learn and accessible from any individual background. This tool allows to facilitate communication between the people involved in the development of the project or entrepreneurial idea.

Throughout the course, innovative business model will be analysed as well, with specific reference to a company's value creation chain.


The course is developed on 20 hours total. Attendance of more than 70% of the course is mandatory to access the final test, meant to consolidate the knowledge acquired.


When available, all dates, times and means of application will be published in this section.


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