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The Knowledge Dissemination Office at the University of Trieste is responsible for the insertion of institutional Public Engagement initiatives on the national platform IRIS ArTS Resource Management – Public Engagement module.

The Office inserts data and information on the initiatives it organizes and promotes, involving the entire University (e.g., Trieste Next Festival, Researchers' Night, Rose Books Music Wine exhibition). Additionally, it supports faculty members in inserting institutional initiatives different from those mentioned and intervenes to modify or supplement the data entered by faculty members.

Among the institutional initiatives inserted in IRIS ARTS RM-PE, all those that could constitute Case Studies for the next VQR (2020-2024) will be selected and evaluated by ANVUR based on:

  • Social, economic, and cultural impact dimension, considering the ability to enhance knowledge from different areas and sectors.
  • Relevance to the reference context.
  • Added value for beneficiaries.
  • Scientific, organizational, and/or managerial contribution of the proposing structure.
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Last update: 03-19-2024