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facciata stazione rogers

The cultural association Stazione E.N. Rogers and the University of Trieste promote and develop a program of shared initiatives with the aim of involving teachers, students, and scholars in disseminating activities in the fields of literature, humanities, arts, and architecture, seeking a dialogue between established knowledge and new understandings that can combine unity and multiplicity.

Stazione Rogers is an exhibition space and a cultural meeting place, where institutions and associations collaborate to design and implement innovative proposals with an international scope. Here, visitors can attend exhibitions, listen to music, and participate in presentations of projects, ideas, and books. It is a place open to everyone, created by repurposing the gas station designed in the 1950s by the renowned architect Ernesto Nathan Rogers together with the BBPR group, a small gem of modern, welcoming architecture, a "culture dispenser" that offers each person the appropriate "supply."

The initiatives:

  • Multidisciplinary cultural activities to be carried out through specific dissemination projects
  • Laboratory activities curated by professors, doctoral students, and students of the University
  • Conferences, meetings, reading groups
  • Seminars on humanities studies, contemporary culture, interdisciplinary comparison
  • Cooperative learning and participatory design activities in view of calls for proposals and funding
  • Dissemination of the University's teaching, study, and research addresses

The types of events:

  • Rogers Books: presentations of books and publications of the University, as well as in-depth analyses and comparisons with other studies and research from the national and international panorama
  • Rogers Shorts: cycles of "short lessons" on current topics and issues to compare different approaches and viewpoints with the involvement of professors
  • Rogers Campus: space dedicated to students, recent graduates, doctoral students to share texts and research on particularly interesting experiences
  • Rogers Events: appointments to reflect on globally relevant topics through critical analysis
  • Archiletture: a space for comparison between arts, knowledge, languages. Literary, historical, pictorial, and architectural texts are interpreted, translated, and commented on to seek new interpretations
  • Rogers News: announcements, interviews, press conferences

In 2024, projects already initiated such as Abitare Hub and Living with Auschwitz continue.

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