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If you want to interrupt your studies for one or more academic years, for personal reasons other than those provided for career freeze, it is sufficient not to pay the first installment of the fees, without having to communicate it to the Career Office.

We remind you that, according to current regulations, double enrollment in university courses is allowed. See information on the dedicated page.

WARNING: For the academic years of interruption, you cannot perform career-related activities (attend courses, take exams, etc.); to avoid forfeiture from studies, read the information on this page. It is advisable to request the ISEE for each year of interruption as it may affect the calculation of the amount of fees to be paid at the time of resuming studies, as specified in the Fee Notice.

If you want to permanently interrupt university studies and no longer pay the fees, unless you have already forfeited from studies (check in the dedicated section), fill out the form at any time and send it by email to the Student Career Office of your course of study. Upon receipt, to complete the request, the cost of the stamp duty, amounting to 16.00 euros, will be charged to your Esse3 online services (Notify the Student Secretariat of the completed payment so that the procedure is properly finalized).

Alternatively, you can send it by mail, applying the stamp duty to the form and attaching a photocopy of your ID, to the following address: University of Trieste - Student Career Office - Piazzale Europa 1 - 34127 Trieste

The booklet or student card does not need to be returned.

After renouncing:

  • You are not entitled to a refund of the fees already paid.
  • If you are a non-European Union student, your study residence permit is revoked (for a new enrollment, you will need to contact the Foreign Student Service).
  • If you had obtained Ardis benefits, inquire about possible revocation.
  • You must return borrowed library materials to the university libraries.
  • You can request certificates of the career completed.
  • You can enroll again (without reductions in fees for merit) and request the recognition of the exams taken: read the information page Resuming Studies.

If you wish to attend:

  • a course of study at a foreign university
  • a military academy
  • a specialization school, a Ph.D., or a university master's program activated at this or another university
  • a T.F.A. (Training for Teaching Activities) internship activated at this or another university

you can suspend your studies: fill out the form and send it to the Student Career Office of your course of study. You will be notified as soon as the virtual stamp duty is issued, available on your Esse3 Online Services. Notify the Career Office once the payment has been made so that the procedure can be completed properly.

You must return the borrowed bibliographic material from the university libraries.

At the time of suspension, you must be up to date with the taxes and fees due up to the previous academic year, and you must not pay the first installment of the fees for the current academic year (it is non-refundable): only if you have already paid it and submit the application after the deadline for subsequent installments, you will also have to pay these.

To resume your studies after the suspension, please read the information page on Resuming Studies.

Decadence entails the automatic cancellation of your university career and the loss of student status, even if you have paid your fees regularly.

Students enrolled from the academic year 2011/12 
You will be considered to have lapsed from studies if you do not earn credits for five consecutive academic years, unless different provisions are established in the educational regulations of the study programs.

Students enrolled up to the academic year 2010/11 
You will be considered to have lapsed from studies if eight academic years have elapsed since the last exam taken, even with a negative outcome, or since the last year of enrollment (including in the case of a course transfer) or as a repeating student. The situation most favorable to the student will be considered.

You will not be subject to lapse if you have passed all the required exams/educational activities outlined in your study plan and only need to complete the final exam, unless different provisions are established in the educational regulations of the study programs.

After lapse:

  • you can request a refund of any fees paid after the lapse period;you can request certificates of your academic career;you can re-enroll (without fee reductions for merit) and request recognition of exams taken: see the information page on Resuming studies.
  • If you have doubts about your situation, contact the Student Career Office of your course of study; then fill out the form and submit it via email.
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