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Study plan is the list of all educational activities (courses, labs, internships, etc.) to attend and complete for graduation. The total credits to be acquired are at least:

  • 180 ECTS for the Bachelor's degree
  • 120 ECTS for the Master's/Specialized degree
  • 300 ECTS for the Master's/Specialized degree in a single 5-year cycle (and 360 for 6-year courses)

Periodically check the "TRANSCRIPT" section of the online services to ensure your study plan is correct and up-to-date.

To support an exam, you need to:

  1. Be up to date with the payment of fees.
  2. Have submitted the "study plan" according to the methods provided by the course of study and have the exams listed in the academic record


Submission and modification deadlines for the online study plan:

Bachelor's degrees, subsequent years of Master's degrees, and 5 or 6-year single-cycle Master's degrees:

  • You can submit and modify the study plan exclusively in two periods of the academic year:
    • From September 16, 2024, to November 15, 2024
    • From January 07, 2025, to April 18, 2025.

1st-year Master's degrees and inter-university Master's degrees Trieste-Udine:

  • From 16/09/202 to 18/04/2025

After 18/04/2025, it will no longer be possible to submit or modify the study plan for the academic year 2024/25.

To fill out or modify the study plan, you must be regularly enrolled in the academic year 2024/25.



  • If you modify the study plan, you can graduate starting from the summer session of the academic year 2024/25.
  • You cannot replace or modify the educational activities already completed.
  • The chosen courses must be offered in the current academic year: verify on the OFFERED COURSES section.
  • If you intend to choose courses from programs with limited enrollment, attendance is subject to authorization ("nullaosta") from the competent educational structures: for details, contact the Career Office in advance.
  • If you are enrolled in a discontinued degree program or curriculum, you cannot modify the study plan.

How to make choices and fill out the study plan?

In the online services, select "CAREER PLAN" from the home menu and follow the guided procedure. After the final confirmation, always verify that the study plan has been correctly uploaded to the TRANSCRIPT; otherwise, contact the Career Office within the specified deadlines.

If your study plan does not require choices, it will be automatically entered.

If you want to change the curriculum and/or degree class, contact the Career Office before filling out the study plan.

For specific information and forms related to your course of study, REFER TO THE DEDICATED PAGE.

How to modify the study plan?

Check on your TRANSCRIPT that the study plan for the academic year 2023/24 has been loaded.

Print the "Study Plan Change" form from the online services under "Certificates and Study Plan Changes." Complete the changes following the instructions on the form and sign it.

If you are a non-EU student, to download the form, you must have sent the residence permit to the Career Office.

Send the study plan change form in PDF format to the Career Office's email address from your institutional mailbox.

Check on the OFFERED COURSES for the code and ECTS of the courses to be included.

The stamp duty is required only for changes to exams in training activities A, B, and C. The cost of the stamp duty (16.00 euros) will be charged on the online services after receiving the modification request.

If you only need to change the choices made in 2024/25, you can do so online, unless you have already registered for an exam session for the exam you want to eliminate. In this case, contact the Career Office.


Erasmus students

The learning agreement does not replace the submission of the study plan, which must be submitted within the deadlines and following the procedures indicated above.

If you want to make different choices than the proposed study plan for 2023/24 from your course of study or take exams in advance, contact the Career Office.



PA 110 Protocol Students

If you want to benefit from the plan provided by the Department for those adhering to the PA 110 Protocol and honors, send an email to the Career Office of your degree program

To include excess exams, fill out the form and send it in PDF format to the email address of the Career Office within the same deadlines indicated for the study plan. Only in the following cases will the request need to be evaluated by the competent educational structures, and the cost of the stamp duty (Euro 16.00) will be charged on the Esse3 online services:

  • If you are enrolled as an out-of-course student (in this case, you must also provide a reason for the request).
  • If you want to include a number of ECTS credits higher than the established limit (as indicated on the form).

Excess exams will not be included in the study plan and will not contribute to the GPA for the graduation grade; however, the Department, according to its regulations, may take them into account at the time of graduation in the determination of the total score, based on its regulations. Additionally, excess exams taken may be recognized in another university career.

Those not taken, on the other hand, will be automatically removed from the study plan before graduation.

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