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Academic year 2024-2025

There are two time slots for submitting your request for evaluation and subsequently your enrolment application. You can choose either, provided you have obtained your university qualification before submission. 

  • Round 1
    • evaluation request: by 1st July 2024 (non-negotiable deadline) 
    • enrolment: from 8th July to 4th October 2024
  •  Round 2 
    • evaluation request: from 4th November to 6th December 2024 (non-negotiable deadline) 
    • enrolment: from 7th January to 28th February 2025

Degree courses with competitive admission
Check your degree course's website for any specific deadlines 

Integrated Master’s Degree in Law
Read the regulations on the degree course's website

How to submit the evaluation request

To request the evaluation, you must:

  • register with the Student Office Online (Esse3) 
  • Send an email to the Admissions Office, with the subject Richiesta valutazione carriera, attaching the following documents:
    • Completed request form (Modulo richiesta in Word format), one for each degree obtained
    • a valid ID document (front & back)

If necessary, the Admissions Office may ask you to provide additional documentation.


If you fail to register with the online Student Academic Services (Esse3), the Admissions Office won't take your request into consideration.

Evaluation fee and outcome

The evaluation fee is € 150.00 plus a stamp duty of €16.00. 
When the payment slips (and their deadlines) are available on the online Student Academic Services (Esse3), you will receive an email.

After payment, the Admissions Office will also send you the official evaluation results via email.
If you decide to enrol, please do so within the time slots indicated above and follow enrollment instructions .

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