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Higher Education

Studenti in aula

UniTS offers 77 bachelor's, master's and single-cycle degree programmes (some of which are also taught in English), 23 research doctorates, 32 specialisation schools, 19 one-year "master" courses, 5 postgraduate and higher education courses and 2 teacher training courses. 


Hundreds of agreements for study-abroad programmes contribute to ensuring that our graduates' education is acknowledged by the labour market.

Job Market

stretta di mano

The University of Trieste has placement and technology transfer staff who work every day to actively manage contacts with companies and receive internship and job offers for students and graduates. More than 1,000 internship and placement agreements enable our students to have direct contact with the job market and, after graduation, to enjoy employment rates and average net salaries above the Italian average. The University also encourages students to turn their ideas into business ideas, in one of the regions with the highest percentage of innovative start-ups.

Research and Innovation


Thanks to its libraries and laboratories of great prestige and its dynamism in international relations, Trieste is one of the most praised universities for the quality of its scientific production and for its achievements in the transfer of skills and technologies to companies, as well as for its effective scientific dissemination. 




Studying and doing research in Trieste means working side by side with scientific and higher education institutions - such as SISSA, Area Science Park and Sincrotrone - a unique system in Europe in terms of research staff density.

Cultural activities


UniTS promotes and organises many conferences, events and cultural exchanges aimed at creating a constant dialogue with citizens and institutions even outside the university walls, like in the San Giovanni Park for instance. Many social events, discounted theatre and music concerts tickets for students: this is what studying in Trieste, a literary city linked to names such as Joyce, Svevo and Saba, is also about.


Vista mare

Being the city of the Barcolana, a historic international sailing regatta among the most famous in the world, Trieste offers an ideal environment for climbing, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and running, with breathtaking views from the sea to the Karst plateau.

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