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lezione di primo soccorso

First Aid Responders must implement initial intervention measures and activate emergency responses, as well as receive, whenever possible, emergency services upon their arrival.

In the absence of individuals requiring assistance, they remain available for other tasks (e.g., accompanying individuals with special needs, providing assistance at the assembly area, evacuating the floor, etc.).

In particular, first aid responders must:

  • Administer first aid within the limits of their capabilities and knowledge, without endangering their own safety.
  • When necessary, make or ensure that a call for emergency assistance is made to the university's emergency hotline at 2222, to activate both the surveillance personnel and any external emergency responders (112).
  • Provide organizational support, if requested by external rescue personnel, for transporting any injured persons outside.
  • Promptly proceed to the reported location following a distress call, bringing along the first aid kit.

Additionally, first aid responders:

  • Ensure the completeness of the first aid kits and the proper condition of the contents.
  • Replace expired supplies.
  • Carry out updates as required by current regulations.

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