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Firefighting Workers are tasked with performing, each according to their own skills, training received, and available resources, the initial intervention (if allowed based on the scenario) in case of emergency until the arrival of rescue services, and, in case of evacuation, assisting the individuals present in reaching a safe location.



In particular, Firefighting Workers must:

  • Upon request for their intervention, activate with the available equipment and fire-fighting equipment without unnecessarily exposing themselves to risks.
  • When necessary, make or ensure that the emergency call to the university's emergency number 2222 is made, so that the surveillance personnel and any external rescuers (NUE 112) are also activated if conditions require.
  • Deactivate systems, where possible.
  • Assist any injured individuals, persons with special needs, and all individuals in difficulty.
  • Where the emergency situation requires it, initiate the evacuation of premises, indicating to users the routes to follow to reach the nearest safety exits, ensuring that:
    • The various floors of the building are evacuated.
    • No individuals are present in the sanitary facilities.
    • The REI doors are closed to ensure compartmentalization.
    • Prevent non-rescue personnel from entering and support the reporting to external rescue vehicles.
  • Once outside the building and at the assembly point, facilitate the numerical verification of those present and report any missing persons.

In addition, fire and evacuation wardens:

  • Report any anomalies encountered to the university's fire safety personnel.
  • Perform the updates required by current regulations.
  • Plan and organize evacuation drills for the buildings under their responsibility.

Verify the personnel identified as Firefighting Worker

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