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scarpe antifortunistiche

In a preventive and continuous improvement perspective, the University of Trieste has adopted a specific "procedure" for the management and analysis of all events defined as "near misses" or "near accidents" that, due to a fortuitous circumstance, did not result in an accident despite having the potential to do so.

It is important to emphasize that a near miss represents the realization of one or more critical issues that, if not corrected, could lead to an accident or, in the long term, to an occupational illness.

The utility of detecting all near misses, through the completion and submission of the form provided by the specific university procedure identified by the progressive number PS001, actively helps to identify all organizational, technical, and/or behavioral issues that, if promptly addressed, effectively support the University structure in planning and subsequently implementing all preventive and improvement actions before an accident occurs with harmful consequences for the worker.

Detecting a near miss is a commendable act, supporting both colleagues and the entire University structure.

The Prevention and Protection Service has developed and made available a specific procedure aimed at the correct detection and reporting of near misses.

This procedure, including the appropriate documentation for reporting, can be found and downloaded from the dedicated section of the website called "Documentation and Forms.

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