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The University of Trieste acknowledges its responsibility regarding Occupational Health and Safety towards all individuals who access it in various capacities and may therefore be influenced by its activities. This particularly includes students, technical-administrative staff, professors, researchers, doctoral students, fellows, grant holders, and project collaborators, as well as personnel from service concessionaires working for the University and, more generally, anyone who accesses the University in any capacity. In order to effectively and substantively fulfill this responsibility, the University has voluntarily adopted a System for Occupational Health and Safety Management (OH&S) to enhance organizational and managerial capabilities to provide safer and healthier workplaces, prevent work-related injuries and illnesses, and continuously improve its performance in terms of Occupational Health and Safety.

The OH&S system aims to clearly define responsibilities, procedures, processes, and resources for implementing and maintaining the University's policy in compliance with applicable health and safety regulations, specifying the methods and responsibilities for planning, implementing, verifying, and effectively improving the processes and related activities of the University.

The University's OH&S system is the tool aimed at ensuring that Occupational Health and Safety management is implemented transparently through a system of attributions, responsibilities, and autonomies that prevent role and competence overlaps and possible interferences to achieve the best levels of prevention and protection, while respecting academic freedom and research and the related technical-administrative activities of the organization.

The OH&S system operates based on the cyclical sequence (Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle) of Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, and Review of the system through a dynamic process aimed at continuous improvement. The OH&S system also takes into account ongoing regulatory adjustments and is updated accordingly.

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