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If you have graduated from a post-reform degree program (D.M. 509/99 or D.M. 270/04), you can receive the Diploma Supplement.

This document, available in Italian and/or English, supplements the obtained academic qualification. It provides a description of the nature, level, context, content, and status of the completed studies, aimed at facilitating fair recognition both domestically and internationally, whether by academic institutions or potential employers. It follows the European model and is structured into eight sections:

  1. Personal details
  2. Description of the qualification
  3. Level of the qualification
  4. Description of the curriculum, examinations taken, and grading system
  5. Use of the qualification
  6. Additional information
  7. Certification
  8. Description of the national higher education system

How to request it

Send the completed request form to the Career Office of your course:

  • from your University email account 
  • from your personal email account, attaching a valid identification document (front/back) 

We will send you the unsigned Diploma Supplement in PDF format.

Diploma Supplement with handwritten signature

If the Diploma Supplement needs to be presented abroad and the receiving institution requires the legalization of the signature, select the option indicated on the form: afterwards, you will need to contact the Prefecture - Government Territorial Office of Trieste.

If you request it signed, you can:

  • Have it sent by registered mail at your expense, which will be charged to you in the Online Student Services (Esse3) in the Payments section.
  • Arrange for personal pickup by appointment or through a delegate. Contact the Career Office of your course via email to schedule the appointment.
  • Arrange for pickup by courier service at your expense. We will contact you for further instructions.

Scans of signed paper Diploma Supplements are not provided in advance via email.

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