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All students enrolled at the University of Trieste must receive training in Health and Safety in the Workplace.

The LOW-RISK training path (4 hours general + 4 hours specific) is required for all.

Depending on the chosen course of study, students must also complete specific training paths in health and safety, which are detailed on the dedicated page.

For training purposes, the following are considered equivalent to students:

  • PhD candidates
  • Interns
  • Research fellows
  • Thesis students
  • Scholarship recipients
  • Students completing "150 hours" internships
  • Students engaged in "convention" activities with external companies

Open the instructions page to define the training course to be completed based on your study/career path, and proceed with taking the courses.

Open the dedicated training page and select the training path related to the risks associated with your course of study

For technical support or inquiries about the course delivery platform, please contact the Manager of the Facilities and Safety Department at the email address:

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