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National Recovery and Resilience Plan

Mission 4 "Education and Research" Component 1 "Enhancement of the supply of education services: from nurseries to universities" Investment 1.6 "Active guidance in the school-university transition" financed by the European Union NextGenerationEU

Guided towards changing the world for a sustainable future

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The Orientation Staff Unit at the University of Trieste aims to raise awareness among younger generations about the goals set by the UN through the Agenda 2030 for the entire world, representing both the threats and opportunities that the future presents us with. This project aims to encourage young people to become significant agents of change and to contribute to building a sustainable and high-quality future for all. The theme of SUSTAINABILITY will be explored, within 15-hour courses, through its three fundamental pillars: environmental, economic, and social. Each module will discuss educational paths and career prospects with a focus on sustainable future jobs.

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Environmental Sustainability
Resource exploitation, renewable energies, climate change, energy transition, georesources and sustainable development, global warming
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Social Sustainability
Sustainable development, exploitation and discrimination, barriers and inequalities, equity, human rights, social justice, inclusion, social and political aspects of sustainability
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Economic Sustainability
Neoliberalism and liberal policies, regulatory market, circular economy, economic sustainability in macroeconomics and business economics, and the intertwining of environment and society.
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