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Advanced Course

Life and Health Sciences

Duration: 1 year
Campus: Trieste
Language: Italian
Department: Clinical Department for Medical, Surgical and Health Sciences

For admission and enrollment procedures, please refer to the Call for Applications.

Ultrasound is a first-level diagnostic technique used extensively as the initial examination for various symptoms. It can also be employed in the follow-up of numerous conditions.

The specific objective of the course is to train medical personnel capable of using ultrasound for diagnostic purposes in patient management, employing dedicated skills and technologies. The course aims to develop the ability to independently perform standard first-level ultrasound examinations.

Performing first-level ultrasound investigations involves various aspects, including linking symptoms to specific pathologies. Additionally, it serves important functions both from a preventive perspective, through specific screenings, and from a monitoring standpoint. The widespread capability to independently perform first-level ultrasound examinations across different locations will contribute to increased diagnoses in certain patients, thereby reducing diagnostic costs.


Regolamento e ordinamento didattico


Course Director

Michele Bertolotto

Phone: 040 558 4372 

Clinical Department for Medical, Surgical and Health Sciences
Strada di Fiume, 447 - 34149 Trieste
Cattinara Hospital

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