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Advanced Course

Life and Health Sciences

Duration: 5 months
Campus: Trieste
Language: Italian
Department: Clinical Department for Medical, Surgical and Health Sciences

For admission and enrollment procedures, please refer to the Call for Applications.

The advanced course in the treatment of open fractures of the lower limb according to the orthoplastic approach aims to provide surgeons in the field of traumatological and reconstructive surgery with the tools and skills necessary for the proper management of a polytraumatized patient with an open fracture and for the multidisciplinary treatment of high-grade open fractures. It promotes the orthoplastic approach, which is a collaborative multidisciplinary model in the management of acute traumatic injuries to the lower limbs where orthopedic and plastic surgeons work together to accelerate and optimize the correct treatment.

At the end of the course, participants will have acquired and enhanced knowledge and skills in the treatment of high-grade open fractures of the lower limb through the orthoplastic approach. They will be able to respond concretely and effectively to a healthcare need that increasingly opens the traumatological and reconstructive scenario to challenging technical and professional challenges. Even specialists working in non-reference facilities that adopt this approach, after acquiring the knowledge offered by this course, will be fully aware of how important it is to refer a patient who needs appropriate treatment to a specialized orthoplastic center to ensure better results for the patient and, as a final outcome, a clear improvement in the quality of life.


The second installment for the enrollment in the advanced course has been invoiced.

The payment deadline is set for 06/03/2024.

Regulations and educational organization of the course

Course Directors

Luigi Murena e Giovanni Papa

Phone: 040 399 4730 - 040 399 4258  
E-mail: -

Clinical Department for Medical, Surgical and Health Sciences
Strada di Fiume, 447 - 34149 Trieste