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Second-level Master's Degree


Duration: 2 years 
Location: Trieste 
Language: English 
Department: Physics 
In collaboration with: Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) 
Credits: 120 
Admission: based on qualifications
Available spots (min/max): 10/30

For admission and enrollment procedures, please refer to the Master's Unique Call for Applications

The second-level Master's aims to provide specific academic-professional training in the field of Medical Physics and is structured around three specific thematic areas:

  • Medical Physics of Diagnostic Imaging
  • Medical Physics for Oncological Therapy
  • Radiation Dosimetry

According to international guidelines, before undertaking a clinical training program, medical physicists require appropriate post-graduate academic education to acquire the foundational knowledge upon which to build the acquisition of specializations and skills necessary for professional activities in a hospital setting.

The Master's program, therefore, has the following structure:

  • The first year is based on a post-graduate program in Medical Physics, which includes courses taught by both academic faculty and medical physicists with proven clinical experience. In the third trimester, students can choose in-depth courses in either radiotherapy or diagnostic imaging. The two study plans differ by 4 credits.
  • A second year of guided and personalized clinical internship at an affiliated hospital ("residency").

The Director of the Master's Program

Renata Longo

Phone: 040 224 0226 
E-mail: -  
Web: go to the website

Department of Physics 
Adriatico Guesthouse - Via Grignano, 9 - 34151 - Trieste

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