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From this section, you can access information related to the Career of PhD students

If you are attending a Degree Programme, please go to Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programmes: student career.


Enrolment renewal
PhD students must renew their enrolment every year
Forms and certificates
In this section you can find all the useful forms and information on the PhD course
Payment of the scholarship and useful information on the scholarship grant
Disciplinary and Complementary training
PhD students are required to attend taught components which are complementary to their research field and they must earn at least 20 credits during the three-year period of the PhD Programme
Teaching and research activities of PhD programmes can take place entirely in Italy or abroad, given the increasingly wide perspective of internationalization
Final examination
The “Dottore di ricerca” degree is awarded to candidates who have successfully passed their final examination, thus proving to have achieved highly scientific and original results
Suspension, extension, withdrawal, forfeiture/exclusion
Procedures for interruption/extension of the PhD Career
In case of injury, please follow the procedure below
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