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The Departments of the University of Trieste can establish research fellowships, either for the purpose of initiation and research training, or to support ongoing research in their institutions.

They are divided into Junior Fellowships, for candidates with at least a Bachelor's degree, and Senior Fellowships, for candidates with at least a Master's degree (new system) or a Master's degree (old system). The calls for applications are open to both Italian and foreign candidates.

Research fellowships are exempt from income tax and do not give rise to social security benefits, nor to evaluations for the purposes of legal and economic careers, nor to automatic recognition for social security purposes. They do not in any way constitute a subordinate employment relationship and do not give rise to rights of access to university posts.

For more detailed information on individual scholarships, it is advisable to contact the secretariat of the relevant department directly.

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Last update: 04-19-2024