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Contributions for Reducing Enrollment and Attendance Costs for First and Second Level Master's Programs - 2024/2025

The Regional Agency for the Right to Education (ARDiS) offers contributions to reduce the costs of enrollment and attendance for certain First and Second Level Master's programs for the academic year 2024/2025.

The amount of the contribution corresponds to 40% of the enrollment cost of the master's program, up to a maximum of €3,500, within the limits of the resources provided by ARDiS.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Students possessing an ISEE (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator) for benefits related to university education rights, based on 2022 incomes and assets, not exceeding €35,000. The ordinary ISEE certification is not valid, even if it refers to the requesting student. Alternatively, the student may submit a current ISEE valid as of the application deadline for the master’s program.
  • EU and non-EU students who are not residents of Italy and whose family units reside abroad must exclusively contact the affiliated CAF (Tax Assistance Centers) for the issuance of an equivalent university ISEE. The issuance of this documentation is free of charge. The addresses of affiliated CAFs are published on the website
  • Students enrolled in the 2024/2025 academic year in First and Second Level master's programs (as listed) that require at least 75% of classes to be attended in person. To receive the contribution, students must attend at least 70% of the in-person class hours.

The list will be provided once the 2024/2025 Unified Master's Call is published.

Application submission

The application for the grant will be submitted through the Student Online Services (Esse3) along with the application for enrollment in the Master's program according to the deadlines set by the educational regulations of the individual Master's programs.

We recommend that, before enrolling in the chosen Master's program, you:

- carefully read the ARDiS Notice;
- check, for those who already have Esse3 credentials, access to the Student Online Services (Esse3). Those who have lost their credentials must proceed with their recovery by following the instructions on the Password Recovery page.

For any information, write to

The list of beneficiaries, approved by an ARDIS administrative decree, will be published by December 31, 2024, on the ARDiS website.

The publication of the lists and any rankings, distinguished by educational institution and type of enrollment course, serves as notification to students of the outcome of their application.

ARDIS provides the grant to beneficiaries upon completion of the educational program following a specific communication from the University regarding the completion of the master's program and the actual in-person attendance of no less than 70% of the required hours. The grant is disbursed via bank transfer to an account held or jointly held by the beneficiary as indicated during the enrollment process. It is recommended to enter the IBAN during enrollment.

The following applications are excluded:

  • submitted by applicants with an ISEE for university benefits (or equivalent university ISEE) related to the applicant and referring to the 2022 income and assets exceeding €35,000.00;
  • submitted by applicants without an ISEE or with a standard ISEE;
  • submitted after the deadlines specified by the educational regulations for enrollment in the master's program;
  • submitted by students who are recipients of other scholarships or grants provided by other public and/or private entities for enrollment in and attendance of the master's program;
  • related to master's programs that are not activated or for which the grant is not provided.

Grants are revoked for students who do not obtain the degree at the end of the course or who have not attended at least 70% of the required hours in person.

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