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Those arriving in Trieste have different options for finding accommodation.

Hall of Residence

If they fulfil the necessary academic and economic requirements and are on the ranking list drawn up by ARDIS, students may be able to apply for a room.

Details on the application and selection procedures can be found on the ARDiS website.

ARDiS (Agenzia regionale per il diritto allo studio - Friuli Venezia Giulia - (Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Agency for Access to Higher Education))
Salita Monte Valerio, 3 – 34127 Trieste 
Tel. +39 040 3595 204/205/354

Hostels with long-term accommodation offers

Controvento Hostel
Piazza Venezia 1, 34123 Trieste
Tel. +39 040 309636

The residential college located in the former Military Hospital:
Collegio Universitario Luciano Fonda
The Fonda College is part of the Conference of University Colleges of Merit legally recognised by the Ministry of University and Research.
via Fabio Severo, 40 – 34127 Trieste
Tel. +39 040 2465184

Private accommodation is also available at the former Military hospital, managed by:
DoveVivo Campus Trieste​
via Fabio Severo, 40 – 34126 Trieste
Tel. +39 040 2471923

Casa dello Studente San Francesco d'Assisi
Via Tommaso Grossi, 2 – 34131 Trieste
Tel. +39 040 309554

Rifugio Cuor di Gesù
Via Fabio Severo, 148 – 34127 Trieste
Tel. +39 040 568118
E-mail:  o
Sito web

Opera Figli del Popolo Famiglia Universitaria Auxilium
Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII, 7 – 34123 Trieste
Tel. +39 040 302612
E-mail:   o

Residenza Universitaria Rivalto - Fondazione Rui
The Rui Foundation is a member of the Conference of University Colleges of Merit legally recognised by the Ministry of Universities and Research.
Piazza Dalmazia, 3 – 34133 Trieste
Tel.+39 040 364310

Convitto Salesiani di Trieste
Via dell’Istria, 53 – 34137 Trieste
Tel. +39 040 638526

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