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The Department of Humanities and the Department of Medical, Surgical and Health Sciences at the University of Trieste are organising the following extra-curricular training course:

Health Humanities – Humanistic culture for health sciences and care practices

The training project aims to provide participants with transversal skills and to issue them with Open Badges. It has been funded by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. The course contact person is Prof. Gianfranco Sanson.

The project brings together teachers and experts from the humanities (literature, philosophy, pedagogy, sociology, anthropology, artistic disciplines, etc.) and health disciplines (medicine, surgery, nursing, etc.) in a uniquely structured multidisciplinary training course, to discuss sensitive and controversial issues. The common denominator is the experiences of care-related practices from care providers, those who require care, and those for whom good and bad care relationships are the object of study.

Through sharing knowledge, the Project interweaves the perspectives and methodologies from scholars, professionals from health and medical fields, literature, philosophy, pedagogy and communication processes, to the knowledge of experts of narrative medicine practices and artistic and performative disciplines.

Course participants will acquire the interpersonal, narrative and communication skills needed in health care providers of psychological, physical and social well-being.

The Project is divided into three main modules:

- Comparing philosophies and practices of care

- Vulnerability, fragility and care

- Narratives, auto-narratives, languages

The training activities are aimed at students enrolled in bachelor’s degree courses or integrated master’s degree courses at the University of Trieste. The Course is free of charge.

Applications must be sent by e-mail from 3rd to 23rd April 2024.

The University will issue the Open Badge to those who have met the following requirements:

- participation in at least 80% of the Course.

- passing the final test carried out in order to verify learning of Course contents.

Badges will be awarded at the end of the entire training course. It is possible to follow one, two or all three modules of the Project, each of which awarding a specific Badge according to the following criteria:

- ‘Bronze’ badge: successful completion of one Project module.

- ‘Silver’ badge: successful completion of two Project modules.

- ‘Gold’ badge: successful completion of three Project modules.

Please find the link dedicated to the Open Badge on the University website below:

For information on enrolment procedures, teaching content, lesson plans, teaching calendar and more, click HERE  

For information on Course content, please contact:

prof. Gianfranco Sanson

prof.ssa Sergia Adamo

For information on enrolment, please contact: Elisabetta Tigani Sava ((organisational secretary)