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Giacomo Filippini, a researcher from the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Trieste, has been awarded the prestigious 'Giacomo Ciamician' medal of the Organic Chemistry Division of the Italian Chemical Society. The prize is awarded each year to a young researcher under 40 who has distinguished themselves at a national level for research of considerable originality and interest in the field of Organic Chemistry. Giacomo Filippini has been involved in the design and development of innovative (photo)catalytic transformations aimed at the synthesis of organic molecules of interest in the fields of theoretical and applied research.

The 'Giacomo Ciamician' medal will be awarded on Thursday 29th August 2024 during the 28th National Congress of the Italian Chemical Society in Milan, where Filippini will present the most significant parts of his research work.

Giacomo Filippini graduated with honours in Industrial Chemistry in 2013 from the University of Bologna, with an experimental thesis concerning the synthesis of new enantiomerically enriched atropisomers. In the same year he was accepted onto the PhD in Chemistry at the ICIQ in Tarragona (Spain), where he worked on the development of new enantioselective photo-organocatalytic transformations under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Melchiorre. In 2017 he was awarded his PhD and joined the group of Prof. Maurizio Prato as a research assistant at the University of Trieste, where he worked on the development of new carbon-based nano-catalytic systems. In April 2021, he won a competition for a type-A researcher position in Organic Chemistry, as part of the ERC project ‘eDOTS’ lead by Maurizio Prato) in the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at UniTS. Following this, he took up his position as type-B researcher in the same department in October 2023.