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Fri, Jun 14 2024, 10am - 10pm
Testo evento

On Friday, June 14, 2024, at SSLMIT, 14 F. Filzi Street, Trieste, the IUSLIT Department's TETRISS (Texts & Translations: Research + Inventions of Signal Systems) Cultural Square Project, funded by the Autonomous Region of FVG Notice of Creativity 2023, opens the doors of its laboratory:

"Russian pride! “Blue” marathon: 12 hours of workshops, readings, screenings"

On the occasion of Pride month, QC TETRISS opens the doors of its workshop in the design phase of the deck of “Cultural Cards” dedicated to LGBTQIA+ issues in Russia yesterday and today: the Blue Cards. Why this name? “Golubye” [lit. “blue”]: that's what gay people are called in Russian, with a colloquial term whose chromatic suggestion we welcome - with variation - in order to give color to our research in a very topical and urgent field - a first step, this one, toward future insights with a broader project.
In its firm focus on issues of inclusivity and democratization of culture, QC TETRISS stages and shares a 12-hour study, listening, reading, viewing: in its understanding of the university as a catalyst for cultural reactions, translation as a place of encounter and knowledge. That is why it is committed to keeping the doors of SSLMIT open even after hours, in an ideal movement of freedom, responsibility, hospitality.
These are not lectures, nor conferences, but workshops in which, carrying out work aimed at structuring “Blue Cards,” we make ourselves available to anyone who wants to know, to know, to ask questions, to share doubts. Real-time translations (and interpretations) of heterogeneous semiotic texts will be offered, as needed, to return as articulate a view as possible.

10am-12pm [M5] Denied rights and singularity: a legal history “from the unpredictable past”
12.00-14.00 [M5] names, voices, and faces of an organized conquest
14.00-16.00 [M5] Pleški, clubs, and beyond the visible: places and languages of societies on the margins
16.00-18.00 [M5] “People of moonlight”: pages from modern and contemporary literature
6-8 p.m. [M5] “Out and in the closet”: theater and cinema on the front lines
20.00-22.00 [F1] Screening of the film “Vesel'čaki” (F. Michajlov, 2009, 91', sub ENG).

The meetings will be held in Classroom M5 (10 a.m.-8 p.m.) and in the evening, for the film screening, in Classroom F1 (8 p.m.-2 p.m.) at SSLMIT, 14 F. Filzi Street, Trieste.

All information can be found in the attachment below.