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The Academic Senate of the University of Trieste, which met on 18 June 2024, listened to the report of the Magnificent Rector, who placed on the agenda the "boycott motion" received on 11 June 2024 and submitted on the day of the meeting by 5 students. After extensive and thorough discussion, the Senate unanimously rejected the motion and deemed it appropriate to reiterate the University's position.

First of all, the Senate recalls a number of principles underpinning the University's actions, which are relevant to the definition of specific peace initiatives. UniTS inspires its actions with respect for constitutional principles, with specific reference to Article 11 of the Constitution, which states that "Italy repudiates war as an instrument of offence against the freedom of other peoples and as a means of settling international disputes"; to Article 33 of the Constitution, which states that "art and science are free and free is the teaching of them", thus strongly affirming the value of freedom of research; to the values enshrined in its Statute and Code of Ethics.

Inspired by these principles, the Academic Senate embraces and takes on board the apprehension and distress of the entire university community with respect to all the wars taking place in the world, expressing its sorrow for the enormous suffering that the numerous conflicts in progress cause to the civilian populations involved

The University is committed to supporting the diplomatic resolution of international disputes and the ceasefire in all conflict situations, supporting the Rector in his constant active participation in the CRUI dialogue on the issue of peace.

With specific reference to the tragic situation in the Gaza Strip, the Senate strongly and urgently calls, also in the light of the UN resolution of 25 March 2024, for "an immediate ceasefire [....] and the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages", endorsing the CRUI communiqué of 23 May 2024, also immediately published on the UniTS institutional website.

This communiqué reiterates "... how the entire university system is united in the demand, now received from many quarters, for an immediate cessation of hostilities and the release of the hostages seized during the inhuman attack of 7 October. The massacre of civilians that has been perpetrated in the Gaza Strip since that date and the simultaneous destruction of all infrastructures, not least the universities, have now exceeded all acceptable limits. In this sense, together with President Mattarella, the universities reiterate how urgent it is to "put an end to the chain of actions and reactions and allow a process to begin that will put an end to the massacres and finally lead to a stable peace".

With regard to the role of university institutions in these contexts, the Academic Senate recalls and fully and wholeheartedly endorses the words of President Mattarella, pronounced in our Aula Magna on 12 April 2024 on the occasion of the conferral of the degree Honoris Causa: "Universities have always been (...) a place of free debate, criticism and even dissent in relation to power. Debate, criticism and dissent are linked between universities in all countries, above borders and above contrasts between states. If you sever this connection, this precious exchange of reflection, of collaboration, of experience, you do not help rights, you do not help freedom nor peace, but you weaken the power of debate, criticism, dissent. One helps power, the worst kind, which has always tried to keep the universities in one's own country isolated, to prevent them from connecting with those beyond their borders.

UniTS promotes the development of institutional relations and the opening of spaces for dialogue and debate, internally, nationally and with international universities and research centres, reaffirming as essential the respect for freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful demonstration and repudiating incitement to hatred and the use of violence. UniTS does not adhere to any boycott initiative, because it is contrary to its mission of promoting dialogue and building bridges between different cultures. UniTS orients its action with the aim of opposing any phenomenon of discrimination, of guaranteeing students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to promote sustainable development through respect for human rights, gender equality, the promotion of a culture of peace, non-violence and the enhancement of cultural diversity.

UniTS undertakes to promote and support peace at every level and to intensify its presence within the UniMED consortium, to continue its support to the Scholars at Risk network and to the Network of Italian Universities for Peace (RUniPace), thus proving once again to be open to welcoming students and scholars, all the more so if they come from war zones.

UniTS undertakes to maintain and increase, if possible, scientific collaborations with universities in every foreign country, with the aim of fostering the development of debate, of dissent if necessary, excluding from any negotiating agreement initiatives connected to war-related activities.

UniTS continues to cultivate relations of collaboration and support with all companies that are compatible with its code of ethics in order to offer our students the best employment opportunities.

UniTS will continue to keep updated the list of research collaborations already available at this link

Finally, the UniTS Academic Senate strongly stigmatises the behaviour of some of the protesters who were responsible for violent actions and statements characterised by repeated falsehoods towards students, senators and the governance itself.