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On Monday, April 22, the Ordinary General Assembly of the members of the A.S.D. Centro Universitario Sportivo - C.U.S. Trieste was held in the Great Hall of the C6 building of the University of Trieste, and Prof. Giovanni Panjek was appointed as chairman of the Assembly and Prof. Bruno Crisman as secretary.

The Assembly first of all determined the number of board members in the number of seven directors and approved the final balance sheet 2023 and the technical-moral report of outgoing president Prof. Romano Isler. 

The new president of C.U.S. Trieste, Prof. Michele Pipan, was then elected.

Prof. Renato Pelessoni, Dr. Roberto Micalli, Lawyer Gianfranco Ziani, Dr. Ludovico Pastor and Dr. Gaia Tomassini were elected as councilors.

Dr. Aurora Fantin has been appointed as the University of Trieste's representative on the C.U.S. Trieste Board of Directors.

Finally, the following were appointed: as chairman of the board of auditors for the three-year period 2024-2027, Dr. Tullio Maestro, and as full members of the board of auditors, Dr. Andrea Bussani and Dr. Sabrina Semec, and as alternate members, Dr. Roberto Bussani and Dr. Alessandro Merlo.