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The FUST (Fondazione Università degli Studi di Trieste) calls for applications in collaboration with the University of Trieste are online for the allocation of:

· 3 graduation prizes in memory of prof. Aldo Duca

· 1 graduation prize in memory of Mileno Prelog

· 5 graduation prizes in memory of Marcello Urban and Maria Ehrl

· 3 graduation prizes in memory of Basilio Kosir

· 2 graduation prizes in memory of prof. Guido Morpurgo Tagliabue

Each prize will be 2,500 euros.

The prizes are intended for students of the DiSU, DIA and DSM degree courses, as identified in the three calls for applications. In order to participate, it is necessary to have an equivalent financial situation index (ISEE Università) not exceeding 40 thousand euros and to be duly enrolled at the University of Trieste.

Applications must be sent by 31st July 2024, following the instructions found in the calls for applications.

Calls for applications, information on the prizes and application forms are available in the dedicated section of the UniTS website.