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Mostra Villaggio GO2025
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University of Trieste, Department of Engineering and Architecture


Laboratory of Architecture and Construction Integrated Design – RRR Lab

VillageGo2025! Workshop Exhibition. Prefigurations for Gorizia - Nova Gorica European Capital of Culture 2025

Curated by: Luigi Di Dato, Alessio Bortot, Thomas Bisiani, Sonia Prestamburgo, Adriano Venudo

When: 19th January 2024 – 16th February 2024 (during building opening hours)

Where: Room 401, 4th floor, via Alviano 18, Gorizia Campus, 34170 Gorizia

The VILLAGE GO2025! Workshop was held last week as part of the Integrated Design Laboratory - RRR Lab for the degree course in Architecture at the University of Trieste. During the workshop, students produced a masterplan and projects for Gorizia - Nova Gorica European Capital of Culture 2025.

The students, guided by teachers and experts of national and international renown, worked on four possible prefigurations for an “urban village” in the cross-border urban system Gorizia and Nova Gorica. This urban village will welcome visitors to and host events and activities at the European Capital of Culture event. The four urban prefigurations were developed in the form of a masterplan and placed on a large-scale model of the two cities. The prefigurations propose architectural solutions for 21 specific sites across three themes (guest reception, entertainment and shows) and are displayed in 21 illustrative panels which detail the architectural and functional solutions. The solutions developed by students look to the future while maintaining a focused and systematic approach.

The projects consider not only the present, i.e. the preparation of an 'event-city', but also the future, the post-event, or rather, what will be left after the event and what effects this will have on the future of Gorizia and Nova Gorica. The possible implications for the city, its architecture, infrastructure, landscape and the re-use and valorisation of its existing heritage were discussed in a public event dedicated to technical debate and theoretical reflection. In attendance were lecturers from the UNITS Laboratory based in Gorizia (Thomas Bisiani, Alessio Bortot, Luigi Di Dato, Sonia Prestamburgo and Adriano Venudo), professors from the Milan Polytechnic University (Elvio Manganaro), the University of Naples Federico II (Alberto Calderoni) and representatives of various local authorities directly involved in the organisation of the Capital of Culture 2025 event (Municipality of Gorizia, Order of Engineers of Gorizia, Order of Architects of Gorizia and EGTC).

The designs from the workshop are displayed in an exhibition in via Alviano 18, room 401, Gorizia Campus. The exhibition is open to visitors until 16 February 2024.

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