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Forte e Colucci
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UniTS is also participating in the LOGS project of the CNR Institute of Polar Sciences. The aim is to collect data on the glaciers in the Aqqutikitsoq mountain area in Greenland.

Renato R. Colucci, Professor of Glaciology at UniTS and Researcher at the Institute of Polar Sciences of the CNR, and Emanuele Forte, Professor of Geophysics at the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Geosciences of UniTS, are both involved in the recently started measurement campaign.

The two researchers, using Ground Penetrating Radar, will assess the thickness and volume of a few of approximately 100 largely unexplored glaciers in the Aqqutikitsoq mountainous area, near the town of Sisimiut (west coast of Greenland). 

This area is important to the local community for several reasons. Firstly, the glaciers provide the summer runoff for the Sisimiut hydroelectric power plant, therefore their evolution will have a direct impact on the efficiency of the city's energy production. Secondly, the Aqqutikitsoq mountains are a popular recreational area and the municipality has licensed the development of tourist activities. For this reason, the community needs an assessment of the risks relating to crevasses and avalanches in the area and their possible future developments. The project also has ambitions to create the basis for a new long-term monitoring site on a glacier on the west coast of Greenland.

During the mission, Prof. Colucci will also chair a workshop organised at the Arctic Station of the DTU (Technical University of Denmark) in Sisimiut, together with the Greenland Winter Warning Association. The topic of this workshop will be the safety of snowmobile routes in highly crevassed areas. There will also be an information evening for the local population to explain the ongoing scientific activities.