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UniTS TREELAB has been enhanced with a laser ablation (€ 366,000) and a methylmercury analyser (€ 72,000), thanks to a partnership with ASUGI and PNRR-PNC funding for the analysis of environmental and occupational trace pollutants. 

The laser ablation enables the analysis of metals on surfaces and other substrates, while the methylmercury analyser checks the presence of mercury in water, air and hair.       

The new instruments add to the laboratory's equipment, enabling in-depth investigations into heavy metals in the region. By collaborating between doctors, chemists and geologists different skills have been combined to strengthen and deepen environmental and workplace investigations.

Also thanks to PNC-PRR funding, a further piece of equipment is being acquired that will enable the identification of trace organic molecules and make the ASUGI-UniTS laboratories complete.

TREELAB is a collaboration between the Clinical Department of Medical, Surgical and Health Sciences, the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Geosciences. The activities within the laboratories are carried out and coordinated by Professors Francesca Larese Filon, former Director of the Department of Integrated Activities for Health and Safety, Gianpiero Adami, Matteo Crosera and Stefano Covelli, together with their collaborators and technicians.