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The iNE(S)T-working meeting has recently been held in Vicenza at the local campus of the university of Verona. The event was attended by 300 researchers involved in iNEST (Interconnected Nord-Est Innovation Ecosystem) and was funded 110 million euro by the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP)., 

iNEST promotes innovation in North-East Italy in multiple ways through research groups coordinated by the 9 universities of the three north-eastern regions. These groups relate to: mountain environments, health and lifestyle, sustainable manufacturing, architecture for sustainable cities, sustainable living and working environments, tourism, culture and the creative industries, agrifood, marine and river environments and digital models.

The University of Trieste is coordinating the innovation activities addressed to maritime, marine and inland water systems, which will eventually lead to the development of a digital twin for the sustainable management of the Northern Adriatic Sea, with contributions from various disciplines (biology, geology, physics, chemistry, ship design, spatial planning, IT, administration management) and great expertise from the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics, the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, the technology park ‘Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico’ and the Universities of Padova, Trento, IUAV and Ca' Foscari of Venice. 

In 2023 iNEST strengthened its activities, recruiting more than 250 young researchers and creating a truly collaborative network among people, institutions and companies in this area. The quality of the research carried out, the high value of the teams and collaborations that have been set up, and the involvement of over 300 companies in the presentation of innovative projects for the region are all testimony to the strength of the North-East Innovation Ecosystem. 

According to Prof. Bonollo, Professor at the University of Padua and President of the iNEST Consortium, the meeting in Vicenza is a very important opportunity to take stock of iNEST's activities, through thematic comparisons and insights into the future scenarios that open up for the Consortium. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate that the universities in this region are able to form a close-knit, motivated and never-before-seen 'orchestra'.