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Thu, Mar 21 2024, 3 - 6pm
Testo evento

Conference ‘The new discipline of inventions in academia and science’ will take place in the Cacciaguerra Hall, Main Building of the Piazzale Europa campus, on Thursday 21st March 2024, from 15:00 to 18:00.


Massimo Bianca, University of Trieste, Introduction and coordination

Antonella Lonciari, University of Trieste, ‘The evolution of the discipline of inventions in academia’.

Alessandra Zanardo, Ca' Foscari University, ‘The new discipline of inventions in universities, public research bodies and research hospitals’.

Bernardo Calabrese, University of Verona, ‘Technology transfer and guidelines on funded research contracts’.

Roberta Nunin, University of Trieste, ‘Labour Law Profiles’.

Interventions and testimonies:

Dore Salvatore, University of Trieste Technology Transfer Office

Buttò René, SISSA, Research Enhancement and Innovation Office

Furlan Maddalena, Area Science Park, Research Enhancement Office

Locci Raffaella, Burlo Garofalo Research Hospital, S.C. General and Legal Affairs

Roberto Pennisi, University of Catania, Conclusions

The event, organised by the Department of Legal, Language, Interpreting and Translation Studies (IUSLIT) in the University of Trieste, is open to students, lecturers and the public.