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Laboratorio di Progettazione Integrata dell’Architettura e del Costruito - RRR Lab

Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Architettura, Università degli Studi di Trieste - a.a. 2023 - 2024

Rimarrà aperta fino al 18 giugno 2024 a Gorizia la mostra intitolata:


Exhibition of didactic works

Laboratorio di Progettazione Integrata dell’Architettura e del Costruito - RRR Lab


21 maggio - 18 giugno 2024

Come da orari di apertura della Biblioteca della sede PUG di Gorizia

Salone della Biblioteca, 1° piano

PUG - Polo Universitario di Gorizia

Via Alviano 18, 34170 Gorizia

Abstract: BOX OF LIGHT - Space, organised according to architectural principles, is articulated by tangible material elements, but also by intangible ones, such as light, shadows and sound, perceptible through senses other than touch. The representation of these elements, in particular photo-illumination effects, is often complex and difficult to control, especially in the context of digital technologies. The technical complexity is related to the experiential nature conferred by light to space, a human perception that is difficult to simulate through the use of software. During the workshop ‘On intangible matter’, held as part of the 5th year RRR Lab, the students were asked to integrate a light pavilion into their overall project for GO2025, a privileged place, indoors or outdoors, in which to place a light installation inspired by the works of some contemporary minimalist artists. The aim was not to create lighting effects for their own sake, but rather to enhance the relationship between design and context through intangible matter. The idea was represented through a conceptual model, a 50 cm ‘cube of light’ with a peephole to observe the interior, lighted with artificial lights or with openings in the walls calibrated to let in natural light. The physical model has become a tool for experimentation and study, before becoming a medium for representation, able to compensate the limitations of digital instruments. A method of calibrating light and space by trial and error, the same method that characterised the birth of science in modern times. A graphic table has the function of presenting the project within the master plan and showing its general layout with particular attention to the area where the installation will be located.

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