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Second-level Master's Degree


Duration: 2 years
Campus: Trieste
Language: Italian
Dipartimento: Universitario Clinico di Scienze Mediche Chirurgiche e della Salute
Credits: 60
Admission: qualifications and interwiev
Intake (min/max): 10/40

For admission and enrollment procedures, please refer to the Master's Single Call for Applications

Metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, obesity, and malnutrition share partly common pathophysiological mechanisms that require integrated and multidisciplinary therapeutic interventions. The Master aims to create a multidisciplinary training path aimed at acquiring nutritional skills for individuals in both physiological and pathological conditions, with a focus on therapy and prevention of chronic diseases (such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular, degenerative, and neoplastic pathologies).

Different professionals will be trained according to specific competencies to address the management of acute metabolic alterations in hospitalized patients, chronic alterations in outpatient and home settings, and metabolic and nutritional prevention issues. Hospitalized patients with acute conditions, whether in intensive care, surgery, medical wards, or specialized units, present complex problems such as hyperglycemia (due to trauma, infection, refeeding, acute pancreatitis, or artificial nutrition, etc.), protein hypercatabolism, and lipid alterations.

An integrated metabolic approach is essential for outpatient patients requiring risk factor control for chronic conditions (such as hypertension and obesity) and for home patients receiving enteral or parenteral artificial nutrition (e.g., due to neurological dysphagia or short bowel syndrome). Primary and secondary prevention of metabolic disorders requires specialized professionals with specific expertise in optimizing lifestyles through nutritional counseling and physical activity.

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The Director of the Master's Program

Gianni Biolo

Phone: 040 399 4532

Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche, Chirurgiche e della Salute
c/o Ospedale di Cattinara
Strada di Fiume, 447 - 34149 Trieste

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