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First level Master


Duration: 1 year
Campus: Trieste
Language: Italiano
Department: Studi Umanistici
Creditis: 62
Admission: qualifications and interview
Intake (min/max): 10/50

For admission and enrollment procedures, please refer to the Master's Single Call for Applications 

The Master's program 'Archaeology at School: Strategies and New Practices for Teaching Archaeology in Preschool and Primary School' aims to provide tools for teaching archaeology and its educational values in the early stages of education. The promotion of archaeology teaching in schools clearly emerges from its own peculiarities. By its interdisciplinary nature, drawing on the contributions of related disciplines (such as historical sciences) or contiguous ones (such as geography, geology, environmental sciences), archaeology proves useful for addressing diverse themes in schools. Archaeological research is also characterized by the use of a variety of sources to 'write history' at any level it presents itself. This characteristic contributes, on the one hand, to developing critical thinking and logic, and on the other hand, it fosters values such as respect and understanding of cultural diversity. Teaching archaeology, finally, allows students to be trained in the respect of cultural heritage, of which they learn to recognize the importance as a product of history and a constitutive element of our identity.

Competition results

The results of the admissions will be published in this section.

Master Director

Emanuela Murgia

Phone: 340 354 0406

Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici 
Androna Campo Marzio, 10 - 34123, Trieste

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