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Advanced Course

Social Sciences and Humanities

Duration: 6 months
Campus: Trieste
Language: Italian
Department: Humanities

For admission and enrollment procedures, please refer to the Call for Applications

The course aims to qualify supervisors in social work. Supervision activity requires the presence of experienced professional supervisors with specific high-level expertise acquired through both professional experience and specific training. Social work supervision activates reflective and self-evaluative skills in professionals, enabling them to face with greater awareness and critical ability the situations of high complexity they encounter daily.

Therefore, the training directed towards future supervisors aims to develop the ability to initiate continuous professional learning processes with social workers, based on "learning by doing," necessary both in the basic training phase, during professional internships, and in the practice of the profession in various organizational contexts where social work is implemented.


It is necessary to attach the curriculum vitae during the registration phase, as well as the following self-certification form.

Competition results

The admission results will be published in this section.

Course Directors

Elena Bettinelli e Luigi Gui


Humanities Department 
Androna Campo Marzio, 10 - 34123, Trieste